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We Care


Because our youth are our future.

The Young Adult MENtoring Program works with Elite Center For Young Adults. A program coordinated by Tyrome Wilkins, Partner at Knights Protection Security and The Youth Advisor Committee.

Sargeant Wilkins is a veteran, a father, a grandfather and professional who mentors young men through several different programs: 

• Anger Management Programs, classes and one-on-one training.

• Mentors are paired with mentees for group and individual recreational and educational activities, including homework help, meeting professionals, visiting job sites, jails, authors, judges, government officials, etc. 

• Family discussions & meetings

• Behavioral as they can relate to drugs, aggression, and anger, as manifestations of underlying trauma, depression, and/or anxiety

• Experiential activities, such as community service, music/dance therapy, hands-on artistic activities, spiritual, church, and more.

• Healthy coping and emotion-regulation skills to more effectively manage and express feelings

MEN-toring: Practices
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